Chinese Religions, Beliefs, And Related Areas In A Glimpse

Chinese Religions, Beliefs, And Related Areas In A Glimpse

Major Religions In China

China, the world’s third-biggest country by territory and the first while considering the Asian countries, is also the most populated country worldwide. Their belief system or religions are various however the majority of the Chinese people follows Chinese folk religion 马来西亚拜神金纸. After this category of believers, the next popular religion in China is Buddhism. Taoism is also a religious belief found in Chinese, whereas those people who believe in Christianity and Islamism count about 2.53% and 0.45%, respectively. The five governmentally recognizing religions of China are

  • Buddhism
  • Taoism
  • Catholicism
  • Protestantism
  • Islam

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What is common to all people, regardless of their religion, is the act of praying. Their prayer, materials used for praying, the chants, the time, etc., may vary from one religion to the next. But what remains the same is that everyone does worship the power they believe in. Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism, Islam, etc., do have their mantras, chants, or way of worshipping. And hence various goods are being used during the time of worshipping to please their God. 

Religious Supplies Shops

The religious supplies shops or religious goods stores are the shops that sell all the materials related to religions and their worship. Some shops sell goods for particular religions, and hence there might be various shops that sell various religious’s goods. Various religious goods that are available in religious shops are

  • Incense sticks
  • Rosaries
  • Statues
  • Kenyan
  • Candles
  • Incense holders
  • Incense paper burners
  • Incense papers

All believers might have these kinds of stuff in their households to utilize while prying or worshipping the power they believe in. All kinds of religious texts too will be available in such stores. As any believer does, the Chinese also consider prayer time as very important as it is the time to spend with their God and ask for forgiveness, request to grand their wishes, and pray for their dear ones and wellness. Therefore, believers try their maximum to do all the worships properly by utilizing the said goods such as incense, kemenyam, candles, etc. 

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Role Of Incense

Incense is a common good used by people belonging to most religions such as Buddhism, Islam, and so on. That is because there is a belief that it could purify the surroundings or space and result in a tranquil mood and ambience in the area. Some schools have mentioned that three incense burning together signifies the Buddha, Sangha, and Dharma. In Islam, there is a belief that the angels don’t like the foul smell, but only nice fragrance, and they also use this material for cleansing purposes and purification. Catholics use incense in their churches and so on, and they symbolize the burning incense as the saint’s prayers. However, considering these three religions, what is common is incense and using it for purification.


All nations do have their uniquenesses in their lifestyle, culture, beliefs and so on but if we start to observe them a little more keenly we will be able to extract a lot of wonderful similarities among them as we now did by just considering various belief systems in a single country, China.